Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dear Family and Friends

     I think I've missed a few weeks. Oops, sorry 'bout that.  Anyway, I've been transferred to Huntington Beach, well Fountain Valley to be specific.  It's great here.  The church is way strong and the members are very willing to help move the work along.  We have a family that we've been teaching.  They are awesome and last Sunday (June 21) they came to church!  They had a great time and I can tell that they loved being there.  The kids had fun hanging out in Primary, which is usually a tough part about coming to church for investigators with kids.  The best part was the members.  They were so cool about it!  Everyone was greeting them and welcoming them and all this awesome stuff.  It was so cool to see the members be so nice and welcoming.  It makes a huge impact on the investigators when they show so much love.  The influence of members is really what helps investigators the most.  Going to church can be hard at first, but it gets a lot easier when you have constant love and support.  
     You all are awesome.  I am so thankful for all your love and suppoer.  This is a great time to be able to watch the Lord hastening His work.  Keep on being the great people that you all are.  Remember that I love and pray for you all.

Elder Sanderson