Monday, October 27, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

Hey homies. This week was pretty cool. We're still focusing a lot on doing service and stuff like that. It's been pretty cool. We helped a lady in our ward move into her new place. She's pretty crazy. She had a storage unit that was straight full of just stuff. I mean lots and lots of just stuff. I don't think she even knows what's in there. There was a cooler full of water that had a string cheese and a sock. Wut. It was so crazy. The member who was with us that had a truck turned around and said "I'm going home" when he saw how much stuff there was. It was crazy. But don't worry he wasn't a mean guy. We had already helped her for a few hours at this point so we just saved it for the next day. It was insane. And this week we're going to help her even more. She has a lot of stuff man.

We had some investigators at church. They all enjoyed it a lot but none of them could stay for class. :( Next week. We're glad that they at least took the baby steps of showing up! All of them got to meet the Bishop so that was good. Our bishop is the man! He is one of the biggest human beings I've ever seen in person. It's awesome. 

We also had a way fun Halloween Party Saturday night! There was a chili cook-off with the other ward in our building and the guy who won best chili is in our ward so that was pretty cool! I had some chili dogs. And before you get offended Mom and Dad, I got the chili without beans. To everyone else, yes, I don't prefer beans in my chili. I know I'm weird.

Things have been good here. I feel like I've been in this area since the beginning of time but at the same time I feel like this is a completely different area than when I got here. It's been fun to see how big of a change has occurred in this area. It's also fun that we don't have to share the Ward with anyone else. :D 

Halloween is the week! Woooo! Yay for having to stay inside and clean all night. -_- Halloween night is always pretty crazy here. I bet there will be missionary costumes everywhere. Boo sacrilege. Well, our apartment could definitely use the cleaning though. It'll be more of a cleansing. I feel like cleaning is too much of an understatement. There's no roaches though! We roach bombed a few weeks ago. I didn't see that many but I guess my companion saw them all the time. 

Well, everyone have a fun and safe Halloween. Watch out for monsters. They'll be everywhere. Have fun enjoying Halloween. Even if the Jehovah's Witnesses call you a pagan :)

Yesterday my companion stole my favorite phrase (keep it real)  and said it to this black guy in his 20's and he responded with "Always! Never change! Never change for nobody!". It was pretty funny. I was pretty upset because whenever I say it to people they just nod their head or something but the one time my companion says it the guy says that. Oh well. Have a great week everyone!

Keep it real

Elder Sanderson