Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hey Homies,

This week was pretty good. We're still having a lot more success than before and we're having tons of fun. We got to go down to Huntington Beach, a stake where both Elder Stallings and I served in, because Elder Stallings got an ingrown toenail removed. Ugh. Poor guy. His toe was pretty messed up the next day so we watched as many church videos as we could. I honestly almost lost my mind. I hope that never 鸛 鳥 士林區 彙 鴿 uhhh...sorry the computer changed to Chinese again. I have no clue why that always happens in this library! Hopefully I didn't accidentally write something offensive. Anyway, I hope I never have to sit inside all day ever again. 0: Another cool thing I did was send home a package with all the stuff that I've acquired over the course of 18 months. I know you're probably thinking "Elder Sanderson, what could you possibly have acquired?" To that I say, all this stuff.

​A member was even nice enough to send it off for me! I tried to get her to not pay for it but she insisted.  

It's weird how fast time is flying! It's been a blast so far and it only keeps on getting better! I hope you guys have awesome weeks this week! God loves you and He has a plan for all of us. No matter how little or how much we understand, His love it's still there!

Keep it real

Elder Sanderson