Monday, March 3, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

I don't know how everything got shaded in gray
...I apologize. I'll ask a scientist when I get the chance. Oh, I figured it out. Oh well. I like it.

This week was a little dead kinda like a baby zombie. We had a ton of stuff that was pretty set fall through which is always a bummer but we still got to have some good experiences. We got to teach Tapu, the older lady we found last week, again. This time she seemed a lot more willing to do something. She accepted a Book of Mormon and committed to start reading it and to pray about it. That was a pretty big step because last week she kept talking about how all religions are the same and that everything is good. I'm glad that she is willing to at least look into the fact that there is a true church out there and that she can ask God which church it is. We also had a cool experience with one of our member families, the Arps. We shared a thought with them yesterday and asked them for referrals when we felt the Spirit was right and he talked about a friend that he wanted to keep trying to talk to. Then Brother Arp asked us to come back tonight to give a family home evening lesson about how members can help us do missionary work. It was a really cool experience to have with them. Hopefully we can give them a good enough lesson.

All in all this week was good. Slow, but good. When we were at the Arps I got to play their ukulele too. It was way legit. I felt like a Samoan. I got new Samoan books too! Straight from the MTC baby. Fluency here I come! 

That's it for this week. 

Keep it real.


Elder Sanderson

In case you can't tell I'm just now starting to play with the font settings and stuff.