Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hey hey hey,

This week turned out really good. Christmas was the BOMB. We got to watch "It's a Wonderful Life". That movie is also the BOMB. We also had a brunch. Brunches are the BOMB. Everything we did on Christmas was pretty much the BOMB. It's good that our mission is so tiny that getting a zone full of missionaries is super easy. Our dinner was really cool too. We ate with an old lady and her family and she gave us these awesome handmade blankets. Those blankets are the BOMB.

The beginning of the week was slow with teaching but we did get to have a great time caroling to some investigators/LA's on Christmas Eve and Night. Even though the beginning of the week was slower the weekend was awesome. All the investigators that we found were Saturday and Sunday and they were all awesome miracles. They were all pretty similar too. We would go to a potential that we either had met before or set up a return appointment with and we went over and the were super open and willing to read the things we left with them like pamphlets or the Book of Mormon. We hope to be able to have really good lessons with them this week and to see if we can get any of them with baptismal dates.

I hope you guys all had a sick Christmas. I know I sure did. This was my last one of my mission. Crazy. It was also my last Skype home. WUT. #4months #nottrunky

Anywho, remember that you guys are awesome and that oute alofa iate outou! 

Keep it real.

Elder Sanderson