Monday, May 12, 2014

Hi all!

In honor of my new companion, Elder Varney, I'm going to be using the "Georgia" font. He's from Georgia. He was serving in the Long Beach Stake already so I knew him a little bit already. He's way cool! Elder McPheeters went to Huntington Beach. Talofai...(Poor him...)

 This week was pretty good. I was a little worried that I wasn't going to be able to plan very well but I feel good about all the things we did. This week was a lot of setting up appointments for the following week. So with that being said, this upcoming week should be pretty full! We are hoping to be able to pick up some new investigators. All of the Zone/District leaders have been challenged by President Tew to find 3 new investigators a week. That's pretty dang difficult to do here. Especially in the ward I'm serving in. Even so I know that when one of the servants of the Lord asks something of us, it's possible. Whether by His own voice or His servant's voice, it's the same assignment. The Lord will provide a way for us. No assignment is too much, to calling is too much, no command is impossible. I know that Lord provides us with the means to accomplish things. If you don't believe me just ask Nephi! None of us are asked to go get plates from a jerk with big armies! Remember that.

I found out that my son Elder Roe is a District Leader now! That means I'll get to see him at all the leadership meetings! Heck yes!

Everything is going super good. The work is all starting to come together now it seems. I'm excited for all the stuff we have set up for this week. I love all of you. Never forget that . Tie a string around your finger if you need to.

Alofa iate outou!

Elder Sanderson