Monday, April 7, 2014

Lenei Vaiaso sa Sekia!

This week was super good. We had some bomb lessons. We had two with our investigator Doug. We lost contact with him for a while but for the last few weeks we've been able to have some good lessons with him. Unfortunately we were not able to have his in-laws join us for any of them. They're less-active and they usually join in the lessons. Sometimes Sister Sua'ava (his mother-in law) even helps us by testifying of certain points or sharing experiences. She still has a really solid testimony but hasn't been to church in a while. We're working with her. We also got to visit Tony and Tai and have a lesson with them. It's a LOT easier to have regular contact with them now that they actually live in the Long Beach Mission boundaries. Yay doing things the right way! We had a nice talk with them about conference and they loved it. They went with their fellowshippers on Sunday to both of those sessions. It was way cool to see them there. 

General Conference was great as ever and I feel like I received a lot of instruction specific to me. That's the wonderful thing about conference! Anytime there is inspiration received by the Lord's servants, the entire body of the church is blessed according to their specific needs. How on Earth is such a thing possible? The church as a whole received the same direction but at the same time you receive a specific message to you that is different from me. One of the most mysterious but coolest paradoxes that the gospel creates. 

I tried to make panikeke le poto poto again but it's hard to get them perfectly round. Plus the recipe is hard because the Samoans don't actually measure out anything. It's all kinda spitballed. -_-

I hope you all are doing bomba! Remember:

Keep it real.

Alofa ia te outou!

Elder Sanderson