Monday, January 13, 2014


Man this week was a blast. We had some super cool stuff happen. We were eating dinner with a member Friday night and, as missionaries always do, we asked her if there was any of her friends that we could teach. She gave us a family to go by and agreed that she would come with. We went over Saturday morning and taught the family about the Book of Mormon. After that Sister Betham (the member) wanted us to go by another family that she knew. So then we went by her and taught her the first lesson. We set times to return to both of the families we taught. It was a great experience. Later that night our ward mission leader had us over for dinner. He invited his friends who have been taking the lessons and after we ate dinner we taught them a lesson. Their names are Tony and Ta'i. At the end of talking with them Tony wanted to be baptized immediately but because of a situation with en ex wife in Samoa who isn't legally officially an ex wife, we need to wait. Tony was bummed and with a sad look he asked, "How long is it going to take? 4 months? Longer?" His look of despair left as we told him that if everything was resolved we could have him baptized  sooner than 4 months or longer. He was overjoyed at the idea of not having to wait that long to be baptized. It was so cool to see his faith in action. Meanwhile Ta'i sat next to him and talked about how she knows the church is true and that she finally understands what people mean when they say in testimony meeting that they know the church is true.

Also I've been learning more and more Samoan. We have a nice MTC textbook from the 80's or 90's. Sweet. I even have been given a Samoan last name. Because Sanderson is too hard for them to say, that's why. 
Anywho, I love each and every one of you. Keep it realer than you have ever kept it.

Fa Soifua!

Elder Samesogi