Friday, May 10, 2013

Riding a bike is sometime harder than it looks

I was riding down a hill on the sidewalk and the sidewalk was a little bumpy.  I hit a bump and when I landed, my handle bars freaked out and went all the way to the right.  I hit the wall but bounced off.  At this point I kind of panicked and tried to pedal, but I was moving too fast.  The second I tried to pedal, the sudden shift in wight caused me to turn right back into the wall.  This time I stayed up against the wall for a solid 3 - 4 seconds grinding my right hand and right shoulder on the wall.  Luckily my shirt protected my shoulder (the shirt was ruined) but my hand was not so lucky.  My pinky got pretty well shredded, leaving the top layer of skin, from my second to third knuckle, gone.  For a few days my pinky and ring finger were pretty numb but they ended up recovering pretty fast. 

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