Friday, May 31, 2013

Weekly Letter 5/20/13

Dear Friends and Family,
This week was full of learning opportunities.  I had the chance to go on exchanges with our district leader.  It was great and I learned a ton.  This week was also full of some tough days.  We had almost no success in finding and we had only one appointment actually go through.  This week went by slower than any other week so far.  I really hope this next week is better.  There were some times when I was pretty discouraged.  There were some times where I wanted to just throw in the towel.  How blessed I feel.  How blessed that the Lord loves me enough to  teach me how to improve.  Trials are interesting.  It seems like the more trials, the more I'm grateful for them.  It's amazing that we can learn so much from such awful experiences.  I'm glad that things aren't easy.  I'm glad that things don't always work out perfectly.  I know that the Lord is going to help me and I know that through the Lord I can do great things.  By myself I can do nothing but with the Lord I can do anything.  Anyone can.  The Lord prepares a way.

Elder Sanderson

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