Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekly Letter

Salutations Friends and Family!
This week has been so great. The past few weeks and months have been great actually. I cannot express how good of a time I'm having here helping people to come unto Christ. The blessings that have come from my mission have been amazing. The ward that I am serving in has definitely "caught fire" as some say. The ward members are becoming more and more involved with the teaching and fellow shipping of investigators and we have been able to see a difference. 

We have one investigator I would especially like to tell ya'll about. His name is ****** and he's an 18-year-old guy. His brother was baptized about a year ago and they've both been coming to church for quite some time. We began teaching ******officially about 4 weeks ago. He has been progressing very well. Last Sunday we set a baptismal date for the 24th of August. The only problem was he lives in a city called Santa Ana which not only isn't in our ward or stake, but it isn't even in the Long Beach Mission! We were worried with how it would work out because his brothers records are here in the Fountain Valley Third Ward and he said that he wants to go to this ward. This posed a major problem. He was most likely going to get baptized in the Santa Ana Stake. Some of you may notice I am speaking in the past tense even though this is a future event. Allow me to explain. We spoke with the Bishop of our ward and he spoke to the Mission President. Some how, I'm still not sure how, we got permission to have the baptism here in Fountain Valley. This is definitely a miracle because this process usually takes weeks to work out. It took him 2 days. We are extremely excited for******to be baptized because now we will be able to attend.

The Lord will always work things out. He always has, he always does, and he always will. All we can do sometimes is have hope that things will work out and they will. I know they will.

Thank you for all your wonderful support. You are all awesome and I love you all. I appreciate everything that you all do. Keep being the great people that you all are.
Elder Sanderson :D

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