Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

This week was pretty cool. We had a little bit of a tough week with investigators canceling and being out of town and stuff like that. It was tough but it's all good. So far the Samoan ward has been treating me well! The food is really good and now that I've lost like 10 pounds from being sick a few weeks back I can gain it all back!

This past week one of our members, Bro Tufuga brought a friend to church. We met him last week and we started teaching him. This Sunday he got called into work so he couldn't come. Also this week Tony and Tai who are usually solid 2 lessons a week investigators had to cancel both lessons because of Tai being out of town and Tony being back and forth from LAX airport helping her out. Even though they were all messed up we got to teach some people that we haven't been able get a hold of for a while. One is named Doug and the other is Paulo. We got to teach Doug and his less-active in-laws about the Plan of Salvation. He was really involved and he agreed to be baptized. but he doesn't want to set a date yet. We'll get him. Paulo's lesson was ALL IN SAMOAN. I could not follow it. I could pick out some words here and there but I couldn't follow the conversation that well. I am getting a little better though. I'm up to now being able to usually understand what the very broad subject of talks in sacrament meeting are! I'm happy about that.

I'm super excited for this week. We already have some pretty solid stuff lined up. I still have to squeeze another exchange with the other companionship in my district so that'll be tough. I also need to go with the Zone leaders too. It'll be an interesting week for sure.

You all are awesome! I hope that all of you know that. I'm grateful for the blessing I have to be a missionary. I hope the Lord blesses all of you from my service. The blessings of missionary work don't just come to the missionary they come to everyone that the missionary cares about and loves as well. I hope you all receive the choicest blessings the Lord has in store for you. The Church is True! Even when it's in a language you can't understand. It's still true and the Spirit is still there. I promise you all that if you look to the Lord he will bless you. I know he will. I know he loves us all.

Have a great week. I'm gratefully for each and every one of you!

Keep it real.

Elder Sanderson

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