Monday, February 24, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

This week was a little slower again. We did have a really cool finding experience this week. We decided a while ago to start going through some names on a really well organized but really old potentials list. We have been working this list for a while and a lot of the stuff is outdated but we've been hitting the pavement hard on it. We finally had a really good experience. We found this elderly lady and she is living with her son. We started talking to us and we were able to teach her about the restored gospel. She goes to church but she is unhappy with a few of the things they do, such as having to pay the ministers a ton of money. We shared as many basic, simple, overview doctrines as we could in the time that we had and set up a return appointment. She was quite receptive and it turns out her grandkids are members and they haven't been to church in a little while so their sort of on the downward slope to being less-active. It just seemed like the timing was all perfect that we found this lady, named Tapu, to teach and then found a family to try and reactivate. People are prepared to receive the gospel! Miracles happen when you turn your heart to the Lord. I can guarantee you that there are people around you; your friends, your family, your classmates, it goes on and on, who are ready to hear the gospel. If you don't believe me then I invite you to try! Reach out to your friends, your family, or your classmates. I promise that there is some sort of good that you can do. The worth of souls is great in the sight of God. I know they are. 

This week we also had a lot of fun! the ward had some really great activities and there was a really good turnout for nonmembers. It was cool to see members invite their friends out without any fear in them! Let's all follow the example of these wonderfull Brown people!

Das it for this week! I appreciate all of you and everything you do. I really am grateful for each an every one of you.

Keep it realz.


Elder Sanderson

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