Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hello Group,

This week was a little rough. But that's okay. We got to help some other missionaries find some potentials through sending some referrals, so that's good enough for me. I get bugged whenever missionaries use the fact that they can't continue teaching someone as an excuse to give up on the contact or the lesson or whatever finding situation you're in. We are all on the same team my friends. There is no A-team or B-team. There is no Red team, Blue team. When it comes to being engaged in the wonderful work of salvation, there can be no divisions. If there are, they need to be fixed. That applies to not just missionaries but to all members. Since we're already in the middle of an analogy of teams, I'll continue. Members are not the crowd or the cheerleaders, as important as those people may be. Members are mixed right in with the players. There are missionaries out there who are not pulling their full weight and there are members out there who pull more that their fair share. As unfortunate as it is that some missionaries are not as "anxiously engaged" as they should be, it happens. Missionaries and members work together so the members can help push through missionaries weakness' and missionaries do just the same for members. Heavenly Father is very, very good at working with imperfect people. With the exception of the Savior it's all He's been given to work with. We can each make a difference. Remember, the Grand Canyon was not formed overnight; Mount Everest was not built up in an afternoon. Sometimes these things take time. Remember that, and you will not be discouraged.

I cannot fully express my gratitude for you all. I'm gratefully for each of you. I hope you are all doing well. I hear good things from many of you. To those of you who I don't, you know who you are. Just kidding. Alofa ia te outou (Love to you all).


Elder Sanderson

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