Monday, April 28, 2014

Dear Friends and Family

This week was pretty cool stuff. We had a fun time learning some Tongan from a member who is Tongan but married a Samoan so she comes to our ward. Don't worry I don't think it makes sense either. 

I found out that I, along with a few other missionaries in the mission, got all my money stolen from my mission funds card. -sad face- Luckily they put all the money that was taken off onto my companions card so I can take it out. I also need to take out all the money at the beginning of next month. Dang man. I guess when you live in California eventually you just get large amounts of things stolen...Oh well.

We talked to one of our investigators, Tony, last P-day after playing tennis with him (He's a USTA tennis instructor) and he is super converted! He has a bunch of Bible verses written down that he found that are his proof of the Book of Mormon and a modern day prophet! ? He's got all the classic ones, Isaiah 29; Ezekiel 37; Amos 3; all the good stuff. He's way more converted than you. LOL

This upcoming week should be pretty good. We've got some good lessons planned and we'll find out on Saturday who's going to leave. Transfers are on the 6th and one of us is going to leave. It's going to be fun to find out. I wonder what's going to happen. It's kinda up in the air at this point. Happy Fun-time Surprise Time!

I feel like I love my mission a little more each day. Surprisingly I love the city of Long Beach even more each day too! Even if it is kind of a rough place that has a LOT of problems. It's sort of like that one city in Hercules. Only with Spiritual things...

Anywho I love all of you!

Keeps it real :)

Elder Sanderson

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