Monday, August 25, 2014

Dear Family and Friends

This week we had our investigator Michael at church with us. That was way good because now he's been to church enough to where we don't have to push back his date any more. He's looking pretty solid for baptism this weekend. The only thing we're going to change for his date is from Saturday to Sunday. There's a ward party on Saturday so it'll work better to have it Sunday instead. He's shown a big change from when I first got here. He's come to church 3 times in the last 4 weeks and he's been reading and praying. We're really hoping that right now will be the time where he goes through with baptism. He's all interviewed and we just need to finish up a few more lessons with him and things will be all good to go.

Elder Stallings and I had a great week finding wise. The hardest things has been to have meetings every week with our investigators. A lot of times we have a really good 1st lessons and then they kind of drop off for a week or two. People here tend to be a little bit flaky when it comes to appointments and stuff but a lot of the lessons are way solid when we can meet with them.
We also got to speak this week in Sacrament Meeting. That was pretty cool. It was crazy though because we had to fill up the whole entire 十]火苗 杘 uhhh sorry the computer got turned to Chinese somehow...Anyway we had to fill the entire meeting. Elder Stallings spoke for a good 12-13 minutes and I have the remaining 35 to talk...I decided to start off with a joke. I told the congregation that because of the excess of time that I would be reading all of Preach My Gospel to them. After an outburst of loud laughter, more like a general light chuckle, I started my talk. I think it went pretty well. I focused a lot on how to do member missionary work. There's 3 major things I hit on. 1) Fellowshipping Investigators, 2) Sharing the Gospel in Your Social Circle, and 3) Being Involved in the Ward's Missionary Work. Those three principals will be major stepping stones for success as a member missionary. If you implement those three things into your character, into who you are, you will be able to have success and see the blessings of sharing the gospel.
I love all of you. Ya'll are super awesome. Keep up the good work. Alofa le ali'i!
Keep it real,

Elder Sanderson

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