Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hello All,

Man, I have a little over a week left. That's weird to think. For this weeks email I'm going to cheat a little and send what I wrote for our missions newsletter. All the missionaries going home write a little article for the newsletter. Hopefully it's not stupid...

My mission has been such a great experience. I don't even know what words to 
use to describe that enough. It seems that anything I have to say about it doesn't 
do it justice. One thing I do know is that my mission has been more fun than 
anything I've done. Honestly, if my mission had been any more fun it would be a 
bad thing. All of the experiences, all the lessons, all the crazy things that have 
happened have been more fun than I ever imagined. Now, my mission has also been 
full of experiences that weren't so fun. There's been a few times where I was convinced 
I wouldn't make it through the day. The crazy thing is, here I am! It doesn't matter 
that sometimes I thought I was going to drop dead on a side walk in Long Beach! 
Heavenly Father asks us to serve 18-24 months and he provides a way for us to 
do it. Nobody can stop God's work from moving forward. Not even the weaknesses 
of those he sends to teach his gospel. Heavenly Father wants his missionaries to b
e happy! Teaching and finding and having awesome experiences make missionaries 
happy! The Lord will never leave you alone. 

I can remember in particular one investigator we had in Fountain Valley. The whole 
6 weeks we taught him we had powerful lessons where the spirit testified to him and 
us that what we were saying was true. We had members actively involved in the 
teaching process and eventually he was baptized by his brother who had joined the 
church a year or so before. Along with all that it was super fun! That's what missions 
are meant to be like. You should have the time of your life teaching and testifying! 
Life is meant to be enjoyed but you're the only one who can decide to enjoy it. I love 
ll of ya'll and I know Heavenly Father does too. Keep on fighting, keep on pushing. 
he world needs what you have to say.

Keep it real.
Yeah that's right, I put keep it real at the end! I ain't no robot!!

Keep it real.

Elder Sanderson

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