Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

As you all may know, I am now serving in Long Beach California!  I am serving in the Granada Ward.  I heard a story from one of the members here of something that happened to her brother years ago.

     This brother's name was Brother Neilson.  He was a return missionary living in Utah.  He went on a hunting trip with a friend who was going through some rough times with a divorce and being fired from his job.  While on the trip, Brother Neilson's friend took out a small handgun and was pretending to shoot small animals.  Suddenly, the friend turned on Brother Neilson and shot him.  The bullet passed  through his lung and into his spine.  His friend then took the car they had driven in, and left Brother Neilson to die.
     In Bother Neilson's moment of dispair, he saw a man, fair skinned and calm looking; a man Brother Neilson had never seen before.  This man asked him if he wanted a blessing.  Brother Neilson said "yes".  After the blessing, the mystery man disappeared.  Shortly after, a group of men in a truck came to him.  Brother Neilson's "friend" had said someone was hurt and he was "going for help".
    Brother Neilson was taken to a small hospital where Spencer W. Kimball happened to be.  President Kimball assured the injured man that he would be alright.  After being flown to Salt Lake City and after a 48 hour operation, Brother Neilson was saved, but they said he would never have children, walk or live past 40.
     Brother Neilson turned 62 recently, has 12 children and walks with only a leg brace to support him. 

Priesthood blessings are real.  The power to act in God's name is real.  Those of you who are Priesthood holders do as Elder Holland advised.  Sanctify yourselves.  The time will come when you will need to give someone a blessing.  Be ready for it.  Those of you who are women or for another reason do not have the Priesthood, know this:  Priesthood blessings will only have powerful effects on those who have the faith in Christ to be healed. 
I testify of the powers of the Priesthood.  I have seen what those blessings do .  Remember how blessed we are to have the Gospel.  You will never know how improtant it is until you see people reject it.  May the Lord bless each and every one of you .  I love you all and I pray for you. 

Much Love,
Elder Sanderson

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