Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Conference weekend was great! We were blessed to be able to watch 10 hours of Prophets and Apostles!!! There's nothing better than that! We were able to hear so many great and powerful things from inspired men who truly speak the words that Heavenly Father gives them.
I received a fun call on Friday. Just a little background before I tell the story. This Tuesday is transfers. The Wednesday before transfers, the Assistants to the President make phone calls to those who have been selected to serve in leadership positions. I did not receive a call then. Okay, now that you know all that I will continue. I was sitting at my desk after I had finished eating lunch. I saw that Elder Dixon, one of the Assistants, was calling. I was confused but answered. "Hello, this is Elder Sanderson" I said. "Hello Elder Sanderson, this is Elder Dixon. I have a few questions for you." He said back. I was a little hesitant but I said "Okay" and he asked my the first question. He said "Why did the Lamanites knees hurt?" I replied with the obvious answer of "Because of all the Nephites!" We had a nice laugh and then he asked me the second and more important question. He asked me, told me rather, that I had been called to be a District Leader. I was very surprised, because as I said earlier, leadership calls were on Wednesdays and I never had anyone call me. Well, turns out the Assistants forgot to call me on Wednesday to tell me! So the lesson of this story is to be prepared for anything! I've been here for only 6 months now. As much as I would like to say that I am doing a good job here, I still don't know nearly as much as a District Leader should. I guess the Lord thinks that I can handle being a District Leader while training, and only being out for 6 months. If he thinks that, then I guess I have some work to do to get to the place where the Lord wants me to be. The Lord has great expectations and it's our job to do all that we can to meet those expectations. Luckily for us God knows we aren't perfect and only expects us to try our very hardest. For that I am very grateful.
I love all of you. I try my best to do magnify my efforts here in hopes that the Lord will bless my loved ones. I know that he will.
Elder Sanderson

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