Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week of November 5th, 2013

Things are going pretty good. We recently had all the ward boundaries in the Huntington Beach Stake get all rearranged and we ended up getting moved from our ward/area into one that 1) neither of us have ever been to before 2) we are sharing with another companionship of Elders and a trio of Sisters and 3) have absolutely no records for so it's been a real trial of faith. It's been tough and the last few days have been the worst days ever. We don't even have enough information on the ward to know who/where the members are. We've been working hard for the last few days and we hope that we'll be able to see some miracles. I'm trying to look at it with optomism but it's a hard thing to deal with. It doesn't help that every missionary I talk to it about says that it's a great learning experience when they have no idea how stressful and frusterating it is. But maybe I just need to be humbled and listen to their advice. On a positive note we got a car so we can drive into our area, seeing as we currently live with members outside of the ward we're serving in now. Hopefully I don't sound too negative because I'm still loving the work and we're still meeting really nice people. I still have high hopes for the area that we're serving in and I'm not too worried about things not turning out well.
In a few weeks we will be having the pleasure of hearing from Elder Alan F. Packer from the 70 here in our mission. I'm so pumped to hear him and I'm also going to be singing in the choir that they're putting together for it. We're going to be singing a really cool arrangment of "Praise to the Man" and "Joseph Smith's First Prayer". It should be a really cool experience.
I'm excited to really get crackin' in this new area, we've only been assigned to it for a few days now so we haven't had much time to work. I think that in time things will improve greatly here. There are tons of miracles just waiting to happen here. I'm looking forward to finding them.
I'm so grateful for all that you do to help and support me. There's absolutely no way I could do what I'm doing without the love and support I feel.
Elder S.

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